As winter approaches you should take preparations to reduce the weathers wrath on your home. Each summer we enjoy having the windows open, pools, sprinklers and screen doors. Without care these summer icons can quickly turn into a pain in your pocket.

After the yard play and sprinklers turn off for the season ensure you have unplugged all of your outdoor water hoses and turned off the water. Doing so will prevent potential damage to your pipes and to your hoses. As you begin to close the door on summer inspect all of your door seals, if you can see daylight through the crack they should be replaced.

While you’re on a roll make sure all of your windows are closed and in the lock position. Windows that are down but not in the lock position don’t create a seal allowing cold air to enter your home. In addition to tidying up all the things we enjoyed over the summer slip under your home into the crawl space and close off your vents to prevent that pesky draft.

If you need a hand battening down your hatches, you know who to call! Wishing you good health and happiness this Christmas and in 2017!


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