A professional handyman is experienced and well versed in all home repairs. The profession will own a small, local, business and hold the same licensing and insurance coverage as the big contractors you see on television and hear the radio. Often times, smaller projects, such as door replacement, small carpentry repairs, crown molding installation, drywall repairs, ceiling fan installation, light fixture replacement, fence installation, deck repair, wood rot repair, toilet replacement or repair, faucet replacement, plumbing leaks, and many other 1-2 day home projects, are too small for a large contractor.

Professional handyman services offer the same quality, faster service, and a lower price. A small, professional, handyman company has lower cost of doing business, translating to lower ratesĀ for the customer, a high quality repair and exceptional customer service. Often times the owner of the handyman company performs the repairs on your home personally. This type of service is win win! The owner of the business performs the service and the home owner receives a stellar repair. This type of service builds trust and lasting relationships between the business and the customer.

The other alternative is to hire a cheap laborer from free sites such as Craigslist. Who shows up after you have contacted someone through a Craigslist ad? The respondent may be a professional, however it is a game of chance. It is more realistic to expect an unlicensed, uninsured repairman, who is performing repairs in his spare time. The old saying is if it is too good to be true it probably is. This applies to handyman services. A cheap repairman can offer a cheap price (generally $25-$35 per hour). The truth is a rate like this isn’t going to yield a high quality product. More than likely the repair is a Band-Aid for the larger repair your project will require in the future. It is more efficient for the conscientious home owner to hire a professional, while it may seem costly initially consider the expense of hiring an amateur followed by a professional to fix his mistakes.

Sixty to eighty dollars and hour is the fair market price in the Charlottesville, Crozet, Staunton and Harrisonburg areas. These are reasonable rates that help the business remain viable for the foreseeable future. The unlicensed repairmen affect the perception of the business as a whole. The truth is, as a consumer, you need to do your homework, there is a lot more to the home repair business than price. Ask yourself, would you rather have your repair fixed right the first time? Or spend twice as much repairing the damage an amateur can do?

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